About Us

At Logistics Bureau Group, it’s all about people.

And we help people, through management consulting, education programs and sharing our rewards with those in need.

Why we do what we do. Helping people and organisations to better outcomes is what we’re about.

What we do. We work with individuals and groups to overcome challenges and identify and realise opportunities for greater success.

How we do this. We share and apply our knowledge, experience and tools.

Maybe you haven’t heard of Logistics Bureau.  It’s the business that started our ‘Group’. That’s not surprising because 65% of our work is repeat business with existing clients. On top of that 30% of new business is obtained via referrals from our existing clients. The other 5% is inbound enquires!

Logistics Bureau doesn’t spend thousands of dollars every year advertising our business in magazines, newspapers or on the internet. Our reputation and results are enough and our clients are only too happy to spread the news about their results.

Established in Sydney 1997 as a management consulting company, we’ve grown to now have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok.

Logistics Bureau specialises in helping organisations in all industries improve their Supply Chain Management and Logistics Operations. We offer a wide range of services which can be viewed by clicking here… Services

To be honest, our track record is pretty impressive

  • Over 1,400 projects in Australia & Overseas
  • Average saving delivered to clients is $1.26m
  • Rob O’Byrne our Founder has personally led a project which delivered ‘billion dollar’ savings
  • Our typical project payback fee is under 3 months.

Now if you’re in business and reading that doesn’t excite you, maybe you should read it again!

If you believe that your business could benefit from the help of Rob and his team at Logistics Bureau…

Contact us at info@logisticsbureau.com or ring the head office on +61 (2) 8212 9775

We look forward to showing you what’s possible in your business!

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